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AEA is thinking green. We are thinking ahead. And we are thinking big! Rarely can such little effort make such a large impact.

Solar and wind energy technologies are improving and are fast becoming more affordable and efficient.

AEA funded renewable energy projects create environmental sustainable balance. They are designed to incorporate the latest scientific and technological advances to produce:

  • biomass energy efficiently by convert existing carbon sources to renewable energy
  • waste heat energy recovery for existing infrastructure
  • combined solar heat energy generation

all of which reduce our dependence on fossil fuels whereby neutralizing or eliminating CO2 emissions.

Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Biomass

The recovery of methane from agricultural animal waste and waste produced by the food processing industry through anaerobic digestion creates a potential of converting substantial amounts of carbon to biogas. The benefits are two-fold:

  • Utilizes a byproduct considered a nuisance and provides protection of our environment
  • Creates a renewable energy source

Biofuel Derived from Algae

Algae absorbs CO2 and sunlight during photosynthesis then coverts it to oxygen and biofuel. Petroleum extracted from the ground was once algae. Microalgae grows at a very rapid rate and generally has a very high oil content. Existing infrastructures such as sewage treatment plants with open pond systems are capable of cultivating large amounts of microalgae used to produce biofuel. The benefit of biofuel from microalgae is that the CO2 created by burning the biofuel is neutralized by the amount of CO2 taken from the atmosphere by the microalgae.

Waste Heat Energy Recovery

Waste heat energy recovery and conversion is one of the simplest and most compelling renewable energy sources for the following reasons:

  • Waste Heat Energy is free
  • Waste Heat Energy has zero pollution
  • Waste Heat energy recovery is very profitable
  • Waste Heat recovery can be utilized on existing infrastructure

AEA will help fund and promote waste heat recovery projects with the goal of decreased dependence on fossil fuel.

Combined Solar Heat Energy Generation

Combined solar heat energy generation will create emissions free renewable energy. Based on the latest technology, solar heat generation is becoming more efficient and cost effective. AEA will help fund and promote combined solar heat energy generation.

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