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Nearly 430 million acres of forests in the United States are privately owned, and the viability, indeed the very existence, of these forests is increasingly threatened by population growth, urbanization, and patchwork development. Scientists, policy-makers, and community leaders have begun to recognize the vital role of private forests in providing essential goods and services, from sustainable timber supplies to clean water.

Yet despite the tremendous economic and ecological importance of privateforests, information about their status and strategies for their protection have been in short supply.

Professor John Gordon,
Private forestland owner and Pinchot Professor of Forestry,
Yale University

We need to act now to preserve existing forests and reclaim and restore land to increase the number of acres. For the last 17 years we have lost 1,000,000 acres of forest every year. The USDA Forest Service predicts we will lose another 23,000,000 acres by 2050.

  • Forests are vital to bring balance to our ecosystem.
  • Forests are the cheapest most effective means of drawing CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Forests stabilize soil by preventing erosion
  • Forests filter pollutants
  • Forests can lower the temperature of areas around them by 6 to 19°

The benefit of ONE tree is multiplied 300 times with every acre of trees planted.

AEA has a proven record of effective, successful, and sustainable land management. We work with Michigan State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for advice on the latest innovations in forestry and soil management practices.

AEA takes action every day to save acreage and plant trees. We are not waiting for tomorrow... our future begins TODAY!

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