Carbon & Tree Facts

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The average American emits 9.44 tons of CO2 per year

How can we make change happen?

Take action by:

  1. Reducing what you can
  2. Neutralizing the rest

AEA is guided by the belief that given an opportunity to participate in effecting change, individuals have the capability to join together to make a difference NOW!

With your support, AEA has the potential to help reduce your ecological and carbon footprints through a variety of projects. The goal of these projects is to sustain the health and quality of natural and human environments by:

  • Reclaiming and sustaining open space
  • Promoting renewable energy sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuel
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions
  • Promoting sound land use and management practices
  • Planting trees, trees, trees…

You Can Make Change Happen

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