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What's New in 2012

AEA strives to be good stewards of our earth's environment and its resources and sensitive to the people in these uncertain economic times. The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative and Land Conservancy Stewardship Initiative highlighted here demonstrate our commitment to our mission to fund projects and initiatives that deliver positive, sustainable results for future generations.

Your pennies create potential for rapid progress in protecting our planet!

AEA Land Conservancy Stewardship Initiative (LCS)

For our first initiative we are exploring a partnership with Legacy Land Conservancy, formerly Washtenaw Land Trust, founded with the mission to protect forests, prairies, farms, wetlands and waters. By entering into conservation easement agreements with landowners in southeast Michigan, and owning public Preserves, Legacy Land Conservancy has helped protect over 4,800 acres with a goal of 25,000 more within the next twenty years.

AEA’s Stewardship Initiative will implement and manage site specific projects designed by MSU, to protect ecosystems, remove invasive species, enhance wildlife habitats, and establish forests. Legacy’s Sharon Hills Preserve located on 67 acres south of Chelsea will be the focus of our first initiative.

Look for updates Spring 2012 for project details and ways you can support this initiative!

AEA Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI)

Our current focus cities are Detroit & Jackson, Michigan.


It has never been clearer that many of Detroit’s once vibrant, prosperous neighborhoods are in desperate need of a “hand up” to get back on their feet. One can only imagine the discouragement residents face as they walk out their front door. The goal of the AEA Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) is to reclaim property blighted by abandoned structures and dumping grounds and convert it to green space populated by trees, parks, garden plots, walking and bike trails.

The AEA NRI team works directly with the neighborhood residents to assess their needs and visions for revitalization and, and in partnership with MSU, design a site specific NRI plan. We invite residents to accept this opportunity to realize the following rewards for their neighborhood:

  • Safe haven for residents to enjoy nature, raise vegetables and for children to play
  • Stable, sustainable environment
  • Tree canopies that provide shade and cleanse the air
  • Increased property values

Detroit has historically been a city of hardworking residents and the catalyst for the Motor City to thrive. Michigan will prosper and young adults will want to call Detroit home as the economy grows. Detroit neighborhoods have to heal for growth to begin.

There is no way to predict how quickly the results of our efforts will have an impact on Detroit’s neighborhoods and economy, but one thing is for certain, if we don’t get started nothing will happen.

We are proud to state that 100% of funds donated to AEA NRI Initiatives are directed to implementing and sustaining each project site.


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