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Two years ago AEA became painfully aware that our politicians were not moving fast enough to protect our environment and that the actions of individuals to change their lifestyles would not be enough to create the dramatic change needed.

We decided that if we wanted change to happen, perhaps it should start with us.

Arbor Environmental Alliance is a small but rapidly growing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the principles of good stewardship of the earth and her resources as well as the commitment to help others uphold these principles. Dedication to positive and meaningful action that achieves real results that are sustainable is our approach to problem solving.

We are driven to make the presence of our supporters known by the development and management of site specific projects and initiatives that reclaim and restore blighted property, protect and preserve open space and in the process plant trees and vegetation that soak up carbon, and restore and sustain integrity for our environment.

The founders of AEA represent a total of over 77 years experience and expertise in project implementation, knowledge of sound and responsible agricultural practices, and working with other people and organizations to achieve positive results.

We at Arbor Environmental Alliance have an established reputation for providing effective project development, implementation, and success with the resources of experts, innovators, scientists, and economists who share and believe in our mission. Our projects benefit from the wisdom and experience of scientists who have had careers in industry, young minds from many colleges eager to research and implement new ideas with unique challenges and issues, and alliances with organizations that have vast networks and expertise to promote and support our work.

Our services include consulting, project development, and management in the areas of:

  • Forestry – Urban & Private Stand
  • Agriculture
  • Land restoration
  • Sequestration of GHG
  • Renewable energy sources

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